Novagene Pharmaceuticals

Novagene Pharmaceuticals is a private limited company, registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Its manufacturing plant is under construction in Rawat Industrial Area, Rawalpindi on an area of 32 Kanals. Novagene aims to contribute towards manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and selling of pharmaceutical products.

The Company will manufacture and sell a range of pharmaceutical products as approved by “Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan”, developed for the purpose of relieving pains, curing infections, controlling diabetes and curing many other health issues.

Novagene anticipates to target larger market and would also fill a void with its diverse portfolio of 73 products comprising 7 sections including Tablets, Capsules, Dry syrup, Sachet, Ampoules, IV vials, Cephalosporin injections. The company will manufacture quality products (medicines) based on research and development.